10 Ways Winners Beat Stress

10 Ways Winners Beat Stress

There are countless ways to beat stress.  Here are ten things I see winners doing that help me.

Winners own their mistakes.

They correct them.  They move forward.  They don’t let the life’s little mistakes lie around and create problems and stress.

Winners don’t apologize all the time.

People who are apologizing all the time aren’t correcting mistakes.  They are just trying to deal with the stress of insecurities without understanding why they feel insecure.

Winners talk to friends.

Just having friends helps us beat stress.  Talking to friends helps gets us out of my own head and into the present moment.  Talking to friends helps me get my bearings.  Talking to friends can also help me deal with the stress of insecurities that can cause me to apologize all the time.

Winners do it now.

Of course, we feel stressed when we keep putting off what we need to do.  I win when we I do the things I need to do.

Winners write it down.

When something is bothering me, I can write it down.  Writing takes the sting out of stress.  If I have something that I need to do but can’t do now, I can write it down.  Having a list creates a plan of action.  Having the plan helps me become more productive.  When I become more productive, I have a sense of accomplishment.  I feel less stress.

Winners eat healthy stuff first.

We have to eat.  Sometimes our cravings are going to make us eat junk.  Winners don’t worry about it.  But they eat the healthy stuff first.

Winners take breaks!

No one can run wind sprints all day long.  Winners take breaks.  Breaks make us more productive.  People who work in virtual offices can easily forget to take breaks.  I stand up.  I walk away from my desk and walk around for a few minutes.  I lie down for a couple of minutes.  I take breaks by getting away from my work. Not taking breaks creates fatigue, which screws up our perspective and stresses us out.

Winners get plenty of sleep.

Lack of sleep causes depression and anxiety.  Lack of sleep creates stress.  I get plenty of sleep and live with a clear, rested mind.

Winners get real!

It is so easy to believe that we have some kind of control about some national or international event way beyond our control.  Get real.  We can’t police the universe!  Being the cop of the universe is completely fruitless and painfully stressful.

Winners get help!

Asking for help does many great things.  First, you might actually get some help.  Second, by getting in contact with someone else, we get out of own head.  Third, we may even make some friends.  Fourth, we may get a lot more things done!  Fifth, we will have less stress in getting things done.

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