10 Winning Steps to a Successful Job Search

Successful job search comes from taking simple steps.  Here are ten powerful ideas for landing your next job.


The Best Time to Change Jobs

Changing jobs is one of the most stressful experiences in a person’s life.  That statement does not mean that job changes do not bring high rewards.  Getting married, having children, and buying a house are also among the most stressful experiences in a person’s life.  Yet these experiences are rewarding.  Read more.

To make any major life change successful and rewarding requires preparation, planning, and timing.


12 Things You Should Not Do In a Job Interview

An interview is a critical step to getting a job.  Preparing for your interview and making good choices in handling your interview questions can turn your interview into a job offer.  Here are twelve things you should not do and suggestions for the correct things to do in a job interview.  Read more.


How To Handle The Interview Question What Is Your Greatest Weakness?

I made the mistake of answering this question honestly during an interview for a promotion.  I did get the promotion.

However, my new supervisor had an annoying habit of reminding me of my answer to that question during our work together.

Being able to answer this question is part of standard interview preparation.  What should I have answered when he asked me about my greatest weakness?  Here are some options that would have helped me.  Read more.


How to Negotiate a Job Offer

Employers are more open to negotiating a job offer when they can see that there is a real shortfall between what they have offered you and what you have in your current job.

The simple way to approach the matter is to make a straightforward presentation of the facts involved.  Read more.


Finding Jobs That Match Your Skills

This lists compares skills to jobs to help you find jobs that you will enjoy and do successfully.  Enter any of these jobs into the Job Search engine to find career opportunities.  Read more.


Is it Time for You to Start Your Own Business?

Prior to entering recruiting, I worked for two terrific companies: Procter & Gamble and Polaroid Corporation.  I did many things that I loved to do.  I took pride in my companies’ brands.  I loved giving presentations.  I enjoyed the travel.  I took fascination in new product introductions.  I found joy in absolutely crushing the competition in shelf space, ad space, and in sales.  However, I had two frustrations.  Read more.


Should You Work with a Recruiter?

Whether or not you should work with a recruiter depends upon your comfort level in working with other people about your income and upon your career goals and your urgency in finding employment.  The best recruiters can help you in many ways.  Read more.


Your Know Network

Today I so instinctively take the easy way to finding information and contacts.  I go to LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Job Boards, Business Directories, Google Search, and forget that the best network I have is the one made up of the people I already know.  Read more.


Counter Offers: The Reason That You Resigned Seldom Goes Away If You Stay.”

Companies give counter offers when the timing works against them to lose a person.  However, unless the reason you resigned have gone away, taking a counter offer means that you are returning to work where have shown disloyalty by looking for another job.  Read more.


Three bonus articles on LinkedIn success.

How to Pick a LinkedIn Group

Different LinkedIn groups have different purposes.  Some groups are directories of people in the same industry or who have the same interest.  These groups are terrific for building networks or creating databases.  You can pick nearly any business sector and find that there is LinkedIn group for that business sector.  From there, you can build relationships to expand your network.  Read more.

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