Becoming happy by not doing

When I first considered  this article, I had this question in my mind whether an article from a site  titled “The Purpose Fairy” was a fit for’s theme as a business and recruiting site.  Jenn (see About Us and picture below) found the article and put a draft on our blog for my review.  I read the article a couple of days ago and found it interesting, but was still reluctant to post it.  Then it occurred to me that Time, Inc rates as one of the top 25 blogs in the country. The site’s author Leo Babauta is often quoted in business journals and to my knowledge Babauta has never discussed anything related to business, although his practices are seen as ways of building a healthier mind and business writers connect the concept of a healthier mind to being a more productive person.   The message of both blogs seems to be similar.  If you want to be happy, lighten your grip until you can let go of things that only bring you stress.  Another similarity is the popularity of the two blogs. has 235,000 subscribers.  This article form the “Purpose Fairy” has 6,457 likes on Facebook.  That seems like a lot of likes.  I made it 6458 today.  So I am going to post the article in part and a link to the rest of the article on the home site.

To give credit to my site editor for finding this article and introducing it to me in a manner that made me thing it was my idea to post it, I would like to introduce our main editor and researcher, Jenn Wren.

Now, The “Purpose Fairy” and list of things which doing without will lead to a happier life. Read more.