25 Questions to Help You Find and Land a Job

These 25 questions to help you find and land a job will put you in front of hiring managers and prepare you to answer their questions.

Before the Internet, employers and recruiters had a more difficult time listing jobs and finding applicants. Today, employers list jobs on the Internet and find applicants through Internet profiles and applications.

Now that the job opportunities are online, job seekers need to know how to use the Internet to attract employers and to find jobs on the Internet.

Additionally, many of the things that a job applicant needed to do are still necessary today:  writing a resume and cover letter, contacting companies and making applications, preparing for the interview, and so forth.

To get started building your Internet profile, finding job openings, getting job interviews that lead to job offers, ask yourself these questions.

  1. Who is hiring?
  2. What kinds of jobs are available?
  3. How do I apply for the jobs?
  4. How do I contact hiring companies?
  5. Do I complete applications online?  Do I contact hiring companies directly?
  6. Should I work with a recruiter?
  7. How do I write a resume?
  8. Do I use a cover letter with a resume?
  9. How do I write a cover letter?
  10. Do I send a cover letter as an attachment to an email or is the email a cover letter?
  11. Should I pay someone to write my résumé?
  12. What do I wear to the interview?
  13. What do I need to know before going to the interview?
  14. What do I discuss during the interview?
  15. How do I follow-up after the interview?
  16. Do I discuss salary during the interview?
  17. How do I find references?
  18. What type of person is a good reference?
  19. Do I use membership sites to get a job?
  20. How do I create a profile on membership sites?
  21. How do I use groups on membership sites for my job search?
  22. How do I build a network for my job search?
  23. When should I start looking for a job?
  24. How do I protect my privacy when I am looking for a job?
  25. What information should I share about compensation?

The answers to these questions are part of what I discuss in the articles on this website

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