3 Steps to Job Search Success

3 Steps to Job Search Success

Make your job search a success with these three simple steps.

First, you do the job search basics.

  • Write a terrific resume.
  • Write a template for a great cover letter.
  • Polish your online profile.

Second, you rapidly expand your network.

Job search is a numbers game.

Contacting more people will increase the likelihood that you get a job.

In terms of numbers of prospects or shoppers, getting a job is similar to running a retail store. If the store has no shoppers, the store will have no sales. If shoppers line up out the door, the store has greater odds of selling products and services.

Begin connecting with people who can hire you and with people who can connect you with people who can hire you.
The best contacts are the people you already know. Start by making a contact list of these people.

As you contact people, ask those people for names and contact information of other people who can help you.

After you have written your list of people you know, go to membership sites to add the names of other contacts to your contact list.

Third, you find the companies where you want to work.

Make a list of companies where you would like to work. Build this list from your industry knowledge, from recommendations of people in your network, and from job listings, which you find on job boards.

Before you apply for a job on a job board, review your contact list for people you know at the company.  If you do not know anyone at the company, research names of people who work at the company.  Your application is more effective if a person recommends you for a job.  Try to get a direct referral from a person at the company.  Many companies pay employees for referrals. Direct referrals will give you more credibility than applications you make online.

Continue to contact as many people each day as you can. Put the numbers in your favor. Remember that your contacts are like retail shoppers to a retail store. The more contacts you make will increase your chances of getting a job.

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