4 Interview Basics

Dress in business attire.  Standard business attire includes a dark-gray or navy-blue suit or skirt and jacket, a white shirt or blouse, and black shoes. Wear those things to your interviews.  If you are interviewing with people who wear casual clothes to work, they will not fault you on your attire. However, if you go into an office where everyone wears business attire, and you are wearing jeans, you will probably have eliminated yourself from consideration for the job.

Interact and observe.  Whenever you enter a place where you are interviewing, you are under everyone’s eye, whether by design or incidentally. Be patient, thoughtful, courteous, and personable with the people you meet. Be confident and natural.  Breathe in the ambience of the environment. What do you see on the walls and around the offices? Is this a place where you want to be each day? Putting yourself in this frame of mind will help you be alert and learn and be proactive in your meetings.

Move forward.  As you meet people and as you make your way through offices, face the direction you are doing. Move towards people as you meet them and extend your hand.  There only one handshake. Firmly, briefly grasp the other person’s hand as you look them in the eye, and remembering to say the person’s name, say “Betty/Bill, very nice to meet you.  Thank you for meeting with me.”

Be prepared.  Prepare your agenda and use it. Give each interviewer a copy of the material you would like to cover: an outline of your questions, accomplishments, and what you can do for the company.

“The World’s Most Noble Headhunter”

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