4 Steps to Success Through Career Agility

Career agility not only enables you to rise to the top and stay at the top. Career agility can determine whether you can even get a job.

We all see the business changes every day. In part because of the disruptive impact of online retailing, Walmart is closing 269 stores in 2016.  Sears is closing 50 stores in 2016 and plans to close 150 Kmart and Sears stores by 2020. Macy’s is closing approximately 40 stores. These store closings mean that hundreds of people will become job seekers.

So, what can you do to become more agile in managing your career?

Don’t take your current job for granted.

If you have a job, focus being the best employee in the company. Keep a positive attitude. Be personable. Do top notch work. Show respect for your boss, your peers, and the people who work for you. Stay off social media during the workday. Stay off personal calls during the workday. Avoid political and religious discussions and stick to discussions that will move your work forward.

Surround yourself with winners.

When you are out of the office, surround yourself with people who have successful careers.  Learning how these people have become successful and remain successful can help you learn how to build you own career. They can help you network with other successful people who can lead you to greater opportunities for your career.

Make your health a priority.

When I was a young Navy officer, I noticed that the most successful senior officers were physically fit. There were not top athletes. They did not looked ripped and shredded. However, they were trim and fit. They had a lot of energy. They had the ability to work hard year after year.

Read books and articles that will build your industry knowledge and business skills.

Because of the Internet, it is easy today to read great material. You can read almost any book online by becoming a member of your local library and using online book services that libraries offer. You can subscribe to free newsletters. You can follow business publications on LinkedIn and on Facebook. You can listen to podcast when you are in your car.

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