5 Interview Tips for Getting a Job Offer

5 Interview Tips for Getting a Job Offer

Use these 5 interview tips to cross the maze to getting a job offer.  Hiring managers want to hire you when they invite you to an interview.  Make their job easy.

Say that you want the job.

This tip for getting a job offer sounds obvious.  However, I have had countless applicants fail to get a job offer, because they left the interview with the hiring manager uncertain about whether the applicants had an interest in the job.

You are not the only applicant in the interview process. If three equally qualified applicants compete for a job and only one is expressing an interest in getting the job, the hiring managers have an easy decision. They will offer the job to the person who wants the job.

Simply say that they you want the job and why you want it.

Be humble.

Don’t make the interview about you.  Have the good manners to ask hiring managers about themselves and their career.

Certainly ask questions about the company.

Say some good things about the hiring manager’s comments and about the company.  Humility is a valuable trait for getting a job offer.  Hiring managers want to hire people who fit in with other people as well as people they like.  Show the humility to show an interest in the hiring manager and the company.

Use facts about your qualifications.

Don’t use a list of adjective about yourself.  Avoid describing yourself as outstanding, motivated, organized, etc.  These words have no value.

Use the facts of your success.  You doubled the business.  You reduced costs.  You hired people who got promoted.  These facts show the hiring managers you can do a great job at their company.

Show how your skills match the job description.

Before you go to the interview, study the job description.  List your skills with each qualification the hiring company requires.

Prepare a presentation either on paper or on your laptop to show hiring managers how your skills match what their company is looking for in the person they are hiring.

Use words that are common to any company.

Every company has its jargon.  The people in the company fall into using these words as part of the workday.

If you are transitioning from the military or interviewing for a job that is in a different industry, be especially careful about using words or expression unique to the place where you are working.

5 Interview Tips for Getting a Job Offer

Good luck with your interview.  You will do a great job.  You will find that using these 5 interview tips will help you get a job offer.

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