6 Signs Your Boss Hates You and 6 Solutions

Signs Your Boss Hates You: What are the signs and what can you do about them?  Should you just ignore the situation?  Should you act?

6 Signs Your Boss Hates You

#1 Your boss’s criticisms are personal.

Your boss has the responsibility to keep you on task and doing your job on time.  However, criticizing your work and criticizing you are different issues.  If your boss is criticizing you personally, you have issues that you can’t solve by simply improving your work.   This is one of the signs your boss hates you.

#2 Your boss criticizes your work more than your boss criticizes the work of other people.

Bosses have biases.  They are humans.  One of the signs that your boss has a bias against you is criticism that only you receive.  Your coworkers make a mistake and your supervisor overlooks the mistake.  You make the same mistake and your boss criticizes you.

This is one of the signs your boss hates you.

#3 Your boss gives your coworkers glowing reviews for the same work that you receive mediocre or poor reviews.

When performance reviews are subjective, they are not tests of your skills. They are your boss’s opinion of your performance.  When you learn that people who do equal are less quality work than you and yet that get better reviews, your boss is revealing personal problems with you and not problems with your performance.

This is one of the signs your boss hates you.

#4 Other people are getting pay raises.  You are not.

If your boss is paying you less than he or she is paying your coworkers, your boss is taking a risk of losing you to a company that will pay you based the work that you do.  When your boss is willing to take that risk, this is one of the signs your boss hates you.

#5 Other people are getting promotions.  You are not.

Some people don’t want promotions.  However, if you are not getting promotions that you are seeking and other people are getting those promotions, you need to ask yourself why this problem is happening.  If you are more qualified and are not getting a promotion, this is one of the signs your boss hates you.

#6 Your boss gives credit for your work to your coworkers.

You know whether you deserve credit for your work.  You know when your boss is giving other people some or total credit for your work.

This is one of the signs your boss hates you.

6 Solutions When Your Boss Hates You

#1 Can you discuss the situation with your boss?

If you can talk with your boss about the situation, explain that you want to do a great job.  Ask for advice on how you can do a better job.  Keep the discussion on your work.  Try not to make the issue personal even though your boss may hate you for personal reasons.

#2 Document your work.

Build a record of your daily performance to show that you are doing a great job.  List the tasks your boss gives you.  List the results of your work on these tasks.  Communicate with your boss in writing.

#3 Seek Personal and Professional Advice

Turn to the people you trust and ask for their advice.  Ask the people you trust about what they think about your situation.  Ask these people for their ideas on job options and confidential referrals.  Get their advice on the best way to protect yourself in your current situation.

#4 Respond Intelligently

Getting angry and lashing out at your boss might be the best thing to do.  You do have a right to defend yourself.  Perhaps you can intimidate your boss into changing your relationship.  However, more nearly what you will do is escalate an already difficult situation.

A better solution might be a conciliatory way to get your boss to help you improve your relationship.

#5 Get the Truth About Your Options

Can you find a job at your current company working for a different supervisor?  Should you start looking for another job?  Have you polished your resume and have it ready to go?  Have you explored the jobs that look like a fit for you at other companies?

#6 Change Jobs

Some relations will always be the way they are.  It is not healthy for you to work where you have a mean boss or for a boss who is mean to you.  Find a job in a culture where you can be happy and enjoy going to work every day.