6 Steps to a Winning Career

Here are 6 steps to a winning career.

Arrive early.

“Better three hours too soon than five minutes late.”  William Shakespeare

If you cannot be at work on time, you are unemployable.  That idea seems simple enough.  The best way to be at work on time is to go to your work before your days starts.  Arrive early.  Relax.  Have a cup of coffee or bottle of water.  Read a newspaper.  Chat with your co-workers.  Do things that help you to relax.  Then when the moment arrives for you to start work, you can simply turn to your work in a focused and calm state of mind.

Do your work in order of its priority.

If you have ten things to do and your boss has set one urgent deadline for one of those things, then you have one thing to do and nine things that can wait.  What your boss has said is urgent is the only thing you have to do until you get it done.  Then you can rank the other nine things in the order of urgency.  You can only do one thing at time.  Therefore, finish the work done that your boss is expecting when he or she is expecting it.  Then go to the second thing on your priority list.

Focus on your work and not the personalities of people around you.

Judging other people is not the reason any of us goes to work.  None of us can do our work when our mind is someplace else.  It is especially difficult to do our work when someone or something is disturbing us.

Respect the space of other people.

A person’s space includes what the person sees and hears.  Don’t stand in front of people who are working and carry on a conversation with a coworker.  Don’t take phone calls during meetings.  You may be the most important person in the room, but if you constantly interrupt other people with your phone calls, you are cheating the other members of the team with your distractions.

Wear the uniform of the day.

In the Navy, we had days on which we would wear a working uniform.  On other days and in some duties, we would wear dress uniforms.  Dress and groom yourself in keeping with the expectations of your employer.

Honor your commitments.

When you say that you will do something, get it done.  You will have the commitment off your mind and the other person will have that commitment off their mind as well.

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