6 Steps to Success in the First 90 Days

In the first 90 days, you will create first impressions.  Make them all positive.

1. Impress your boss.  Do the job your boss expects you to do.  Make your number one priority to do the things that your boss has told you to do in the order in which your boss directed you.  Let your boss know when you complete each task.  When you are giving your boss more information than you need to give, your boss will let you know.

2. Focus on success.  Do not try to do things that you are not capable of doing. Do not take on more than you can handle.  Do things that you can do successfully and do an outstanding job with those things.  As you get more capable, you can develop new ways to do things.  In the first 90 days, focus on success.

3. Get in step.  Learn the company culture and way of doing things.  Do not try to change things until you have established yourself in the job for which your company hired you.


4. Build positive relationships.  Create a chart of the organization.  Learn who does what and who reports to which person.  Treat everyone with respect.  Do not poison a relationship with anyone.  You may later learn that the maintenance manager is a scratch golfer who is the golf partner with a board director at the annual company golf tournament.  However, do not waste your time listening to everyone who wants to talk with you.  Forge relationships with people who can help you with a successful start.

5. Become a sponge.  In the first 90 days, avoid giving your opinion when you can listen and learn.  Some of the people who are junior to you will give you insight that will help you understand your job and your new company.

6. Write it down.  Make a list of the names, the contact information, the jobs, and the relationships of the people you meet.  When your boss tells you to do something, write it down.  Write the task and the action date.

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