6 Ways to Create Brand Power in Your Online Profile

6 Ways to Create Brand Power in Your Online Profile

A basic online profile is a person’s picture, name,  skills, employment history, education, training, and accomplishments.

Managed correctly, your profile can become the platform for your professional brand and advertising campaign.  Here are six ways to build your brand:

  1. From your profile, create advertising on a business page.
  2. Sell products or promote your company’s business by posting links on your business page and your profile.
  3. Create a group.  A group attracts members who create content that in turn attracts other people to become aware of your profile or your company profile.
  4. Build relationships by helping people through connections, recommendations, or introductions.
  5. Establish an image as a person or a company that helps people through your comments in membership groups.
  6. Publish a newsletter through updates to your profile, your business page, and your membership group.

For search engines, content is king.   Whenever you post anything on a membership site, you are creating content.  As you create content, your name or your company name appears more often in search engine results, sometimes even when you are not signed into a membership site.

Some companies divert money from advertising to the cost of creating content on social media.  With a little time everyday on a regular basis, you can do the same thing without spending a dime.

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