8 Simple and Powerful Daily Steps to Success

Daily Steps to Success: Here are 8 things you can do every day.  These things are simple.  These simple steps will increase the joy and productivity in your workday.

How do you make success a habit?  Repeat the things that make you successful and repeat them daily.  Here are 8 daily steps to success that can work for you.

The 8 Powerful Daily Steps to Success

#1 Arrive early.

I find that it is nice to arrive early for work or appointments.  When I meet someone locally, I leave in time arrive fifteen minutes early.  I can always find a comfortable place to relax before stepping into the appointment.

When I must travel for several hours for an appointment, I may even go in the night before.  Arriving early is one of the simple and powerful daily steps to success.

#2 Keep healthy snacks on hand.

When I get a little hungry, I feel anxious.  I take things more personally.  Eating a banana, a piece of whole-wheat toast, or a few nuts can relieve that hunger and anxious feelings.  My head clears.  I work more effectively.

Keep healthy snacks on hand makes it easier to follow simple and powerful daily steps to success.

#3 Seek advice.

I am very lucky to have a family and friends who can help me make decisions.  I turn to people who have experience with similar situations as my own.  It is very easy for me to overlook things or see things incorrectly.  Having other people around to work through situations is very helpful.

#4 Make decisions.

When my wife asks me what I want for dinner, I tell her what I want for dinner.  If she asks me which movie I prefer, I tell her my preference.  Indecision on my part may seem as though I am being flexible.

When I go out to dinner, I keep the process simple.   I read the menu, pick an item.  Then I pick an item and order it.  Asking the waiter what I should eat or asking others what they are having may give me some options, but why make a simple process complicated?

#5 Act.   

At one time, I might spend all day going through my email as my day progressed.  I would have the stress of reading the same emails more than one.  Most emails have the meat of the content in the subject.  I immediately delete all email that I will not need to read.  I read and move the email that I need to save to a folder labeled “Read.”  I send a short reply to email that requires an answer.  Then I have finished working on email for the day.

#6 Take breaks.

When I take breaks, I feel refreshed and work more effectively.  Putting off taking breaks is as unproductive as putting off doing anything else.  My mind and body need breaks.

#7 Be grateful.

I feel better if I think about the good things in my life.  By developing an attitude of gratitude, I feel less stressed.

#8 Enjoy the moment by writing.

I am more effective if I keep my thinking in the present moment.  I also enjoy life.  Even when I am working on a long-term plan, I am not living in the future.  When I think about the future, I can write what is on my mind.  The act of writing returns my mind to the present moment.