9 Ways to Increase Your Network Connections

For business and career, here are 9 Ways to Increase Your Network Connections.

1. Shopping for LinkedIn Groups

The way to pick LinkedIn Groups is to select groups based on your business and career needs.

Some groups are great for creating many connections.  If you want to connect with people, join large groups. In the connect page on LinkedIn, there are seven options. One of the options is that you are …Continue reading.

2. Picking Winning Teams and Mentors

Although we often find ourselves on teams our company or a committee has assigned us, there are several times in life when we get opportunities to pick our teams.

If we are the team leader, we get to pick the entire team from the available selections. If we are in a professional leadership or hiring …Continue reading.

3. How to Pick a LinkedIn Group

Different LinkedIn groups have different purposes.

Some groups are directories of people in the same industry or who have the same interest.  These groups are terrific for building networks or creating databases.   You can pick nearly any business sector and find that there is LinkedIn group for that business sector.  From there, you can build …Continue reading.

4. Social Media and Your Career: Do These Things.

There are some simple suggestions that can make you social media career campaign easy to manage and very effective.

Post one profile photo on all social media sites. That photo is your brand packaging.

Attire for your profile photo: A suit and tie are okay. An open-collared shirt is okay. However, unless you name is …Continue reading.

5. Beyond LinkedIn

Sometimes the most helpful people in your network are people you know outside of business.

A friend of mine was working part-time in a hardware store while in college. One of the loyal customers was a wealthy property developer who owned commercial real estate in a some locations in …Continue reading.

6. Professional Networking: Creating Credible Connection Invitations

LinkedIn is a business and career professional network. Credibility is very important for making connections and building your professional network on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has seven options for inviting people to connect with you. Each option has advantages in terms of creating credibility and ease of use. With a little extra thought about which option …Continue reading.

7. Building Professional Relationships Everywhere


Building a professional database is simple. A database is not a network. It is a contact list. Building a network of professional relationships takes time. The best time to invest time in building these relationships is before the time that you will actually need them.

I have known people who have …Continue reading.

8. Your Know Network

Today I so instinctively take the easy way to finding information and contacts. I go to LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Job Boards, Business Directories, Google Search, and forget that the best network I have is the one made up of the people I already know.

The online resources are so powerful and so compelling and so …Continue reading.

9. Are you a card collector?

The first time I heard the expression “be a card collector,” I was not certain what the person meant. Collecting cards to follow sports figures or to trade in games had always been my idea of card collecting.

What I learned from a master at networking was that collecting business cards was part of the process in adding contacts to my network.

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