About Jay Wren –The World’s Noblest Headhunter

Jay Wren
Hi, I am Jay Wren.

I am a corporate recruiter and writer.  During my career, I have conducted recruiting assignments for over 100 companies.

Through my recruiting, I have helped thousands of people get better jobs and helped even more people be successful in their current job.

I also publish job listings, JayWren.com – Jobs.

Today, I am passionate about website development, writing, and new technology in staffing.

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My Background

Before recruiting, I worked for Procter & Gamble and for Polaroid.

Additionally, I was a Navy officer.  In the Navy, I piloted the USS Midway (CV41), managed VIP programs (Miss America troupe and the Bob Hope troupe), and wrote news articles for the release to news services.

For a partial list of companies where I conducted searches, please click here.


Thank you for visiting my website.

The purpose of our company and this website is to help you find a job if you are looking for one and to help you find the right person to hire if you need to hire someone.


If you are new to the consumer products sector and not sure what terms like CPG or FMCG mean, I sold disposable diapers and toilet tissue at Procter & Gamble. At Polaroid, I sold cameras, film, and accessories.  As a recruiter, I naturally transferred what I had learned about the consumer goods sector and my list of contacts over to recruiting for the same type of people and companies.

Additionally, as the coupon industry and in-store promotion industry grew, my business grew to include companies that sold those services to companies like Procter & Gamble and to Polaroid.

So, if you sell things like soap or soda pop to grocery, drug, mass, discount, or small appliances to electronics retailers or if you sell things like coupon services to the people who make those types of products, my company has the experience to help you find a job or to help you find someone for a job.


Jay Wren Recruiting
• Contract recruiter for over 100 different consumer products manufacturers and suppliers
• Publisher Jay Wren | The Movable Career

Polaroid Sales
• Polaroid Corporation Marketer of the Year
• Reviewed as the most skilled sales person in company by Polaroid Senior Vice President of Sales

Procter & Gamble Sales
• Procter & Gamble Sales Leader for Eighteen Consecutive Months

United States Navy
• United States Navy, Lieutenant
• Promoted through 3 Pay Grades in 3 Years
• United States Navy Bridge Officer of the Deck (Fleet)
• Public Affairs Escort, The Bob Hope Show, The Miss America Armed Forces Tour


• University of Houston, Graduate, (GPA 3.75)

• Founder of The Cornel West Distinguished Alumni Award
• Founder and former chair of The Sacramento High Schools Safety Summit
• Former President of Kennedy High School Pride at Kennedy
• Community Advisor and Community Advocate, Sacramento Unified School District