Advice on How to Give Notice

Advice on how to give notice can help you transition with less stress and start your new job with a fresh attitude.

You have an offer.  You have accepted the offer.  Now is the time for you to resign.  You want to show up at your new job rested and ready to work.  Making a smooth exit from your current job will reduce the stress as you move on to your new job and the new stage of your life.

Giving notice has certain steps that can help you leave on a positive note.

  1. Your notice of resignation should be a simple.  You tell your employer that you are leaving.
  2. Your notice of resignation should be thoughtful.  Before notifying your boss, do not tell your subordinates, peers, or anyone else that you are leaving.
  3. You should carefully plan your resignation to reduce the stress on you and on your supervisor.  Tell your employer that you will work hard to finish any ongoing work.  Focus on making your departure as smooth as possible for your current employer.

How much time should you give your employer before leaving?

Part of the amount of time that you give in your notice will depend on the time your new employer expects you to take before you start your new job.  Two weeks’ notice is the standard amount of time to give your supervisor before your departure.  If you are in the middle of a major project and want to allow more time for your current supervisor to find a replacement, you might consider offering four weeks’ notice.

Most resignations are verbal and in person.  If you wish to write a letter, make it simple and cordial.  The shorter that you make your letter perhaps the better to help you reduce stress and keep your exit simple.  You do not have to give a reason for leaving.

Dear Supervisor,

The purpose of this letter is to provide you with notice of my resignation. I have accepted an offer from another company.  I will begin work at this new company in two weeks.

Keeping your resignation positive will reduce the stress for you as you leave your current company.  In addition, you will leave a positive impression for future references.

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