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There are over a thousand career articles on this page.  I publish new articles two to three times a week.

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I am a corporate recruiter and writer.  During my career, I have conducted recruiting assignments for over 100 companies.

Through my recruiting, I have helped thousands of people get better jobs and helped even more people be successful in their current job.

My Background

Before recruiting, I worked for Procter & Gamble and for Polaroid.

Additionally, I was a Navy officer.  In the Navy, I piloted the USS Midway (CV41), managed VIP programs (Miss America troupe and the Bob Hope troupe), and wrote news articles for the release to news services.


The purpose of our company and this website is to help you find a job if you are looking for one and to help you find the right person to hire if you need to hire someone.

Thank you for visiting my site.