As the Millennial generation ages, will print media disappear?

I do not think that I have ever seen an article that did not have the word technology and the word millennial on the same page.

Millennials, generally thought to be the people born between 1976 and 1984, are the stereotypes with smartphones for an appendage, news source, road map, and entertainment.

I just came from a family reunion of baby boomers and their children (millenials) and grandchildren.  I remember us baby boomers talking about the sports page, sometimes the op ed section, the news, what we got from the newspaper.

Every millennial (21 in total) at the reunion had a smartphone.  One, who is in veterinary school, talked about his touchscreen laptop that allows him to write longhand on the screen and converts his notes to text that he saves as PowerPoint.

Most of the baby boomers at the reunion are newspaper subscribers, but the millennials subscribe to a magazine or two but not to a newspaper.

So I am just wondering if print may eventually disappear.

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