Authenticity: The First Step to Greatness

Authenticity: Why are rebels so appealing?  Why are they so successful?

Authenticity – The First Step to Greatness

If you copy other people, you are an impersonator. When you remake the work of other people in ways that it becomes your own work, you are authentic. When authenticity leads you to break the rules and change the world, you are a rebel. With authenticity, rebels find greatness.

Rebels Don’t Just Try to be Different.

Rebels don’t just try to be different.  They have the courage to develop what is great and unique in themselves.  Through the authenticity of what is true in them, they do original work that appeals to followers in any field: entertainment, consumer products, business leadership, and so on through all endeavors.

Therefore, do what rebels do.  Don’t try to be different. Try to be yourself.  Through your authenticity, you will find greatness.

Recognize Your Uniqueness

We tend to see greatness as coming from a common set of abilities.  People who have greater talent become more successful.

However, greatness takes many forms.  Your gifts for greatness are unique to you.

Michael Jordan is a historically great basketball players.  He has a competitive mentality that lead him to try to become equally great in baseball.  But baseball was not a sport where he had skills for greatness.  Rather, he was uniquely great in basketball.

However, everyone has a unique set of natural skills.  Focusing on developing the skills that come to you naturally enables you to become the most successful person you can be.  Assuming the courage to stick to develop your natural skills, sparks the authenticity of your natural greatness.

First, Seek Authenticity.

Copying other people makes you an impersonator.  However, building on the work of other people until it becomes true to your authenticity will free you to be an original, a rebel.