When It’s Okay to Be Wrong

It seems as though all my life I have held to the idea that I was right.  It is not so much that I had to know everything.  Often when I do not know something, I can just say that I do not know.  When I do know something, I have trouble seeing that what I believe to be true is not true.

Always being right is a lot of work.  It is a load to carry.   It is weighty and tiring.

Always being right leads to ignorance.   It requires a closed mind.  It reduces my opportunity to learn.

Opening up to the possibility that another person may be right takes less effort than defending my position on what I believe to be true.   I can relax and listen.   I can have a discussion instead of a debate.

Later if I find that I am in fact right, I can keep that information to myself.  I can allow the other person the right to continue to believe in their thinking.

I heard a woman say one time that it is so easy for her to believe her own thinking, because it has always been there.  So I am going to open the door to my thinking to allow myself at least the opportunity to replace thinking that has always been there with some new thinking.

I want to be extraordinary.  I am going to allow myself to be wrong.

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