Be Extraordinary: Understanding Organizational Fit

Do employers hire you for who are you or for what you know?

Obviously, most employers are looking for both traits.

So when you go into that interview, be prepared to show how you can serve and benefit the company and how you can be someone people will want to have around the office.

Two ears, one mouth:  I can still today forget to listen while the other person is speaking and to stay on the subject exactly along the lines of discussion.  Everyone makes the mistake of changing the subject after hearing something in a conversation and another subject comes to mind from the flow of the conversation.  The concept of a discussion is to stay on the subject of the line of the discussion until the discussion is completed.  If another idea has come to mind along the way, bring that other idea forward after the discussion is completed.  For me this means to be twice as diligent about using my ears as I am about using my mouth!

So, if I want to fit into the organization, listen well.

When given a chance to speak, do not talk about yourself!

Of course, they want to hire me.  I am so cute!  I am so much fun!  I am so smart!  I am so popular!

Perhaps, a company does want to hire you for all those reasons.  However, when given the chance to speak, talk about what you have done and how what you have done can help the employer build a business.  For purposes of illustration, if you are trying to get a job building fences for a commercial fence company, bring pictures of the fences you have built.  Discuss the fences you have seen that the employer has built.  Commend that employer for that work, and discuss how you would enjoy having the opportunity to be a part of a team that builds quality products.  By showing what you can do and also showing that you know what the employer has done, and then discussing your interest in working for their company, you better position yourself as someone to hire for who you are and for what you know.

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