Be the Leader in the Workplace.

Be the Leader in the Workplace.

There are things that I can do to make work happier and more successful for my coworkers, my boss, my customers, and me.

Give credit where credit is due.  I do not like people to take credit for my work.  I cannot allow myself to take credit for the work of other people.  If someone is giving me credit for the work of another person, I need to speak up and give credit to the correct person.

Accepting credit I do not deserve can cause me trouble later.  I may never know when I have lost the trust of other people through stealing credit.

Focus on the situation at hand.  When someone criticizes me, I can easily criticize him or her for things that they have done.  This type of response does not give any solutions.  I simply turn a criticism into a conflict.

The best thing I can do is to listen to the person.  I can create space and time until I can understand what the person is saying.

The person may have information I need to do a better job.  Even if the person has suggestions that will not help me, I can listen and avoid tension.  I can focus on the situation at hand.

Let other people have their say.  I have two ears and one mouth.  I need to learn from other people.  If I am talking all the time, I will never learn anything from anyone.

Most people talk, because they feel the pressure to say something.  Allowing people to have their say allows them to decompress.

If a person has gone off the subject, I can direct them back to the point of the discussion.

Pay attention to people when they are speaking.  When my mind is elsewhere during a conversation, people will notice that I am not paying attention.  I need to wake up and pay attention.  People respect me for the attention I give as much the attention I get.

Relax and let other people do their job.  When I am tense or insecure, I want to control people and things around me.  At these times, I am more likely to be annoying than helpful.  I remember to take a deep breath and let other people do their job.

Provide solutions.  It is easy to find fault with other people or their work.  People who find fault create tension in the workplace.

People who solve problems build success for their customers, their company, and themselves.  I need to find solutions not fault.

Seek options to fears and frustrations.

When I feel trapped, I can panic.

However, most situations have options.  I can step back and calmly consider my options.  I can go to other people and ask what they can see as my options.

When people come to me for advice, I can help them find options.

Identifying options creates mental freedom.  I can turn my fears and frustrations into fresh ways to do my job.  I can help other people find fresh ways to approach their work.

I can bring joy to the job.

I can make work fun for my coworkers, my boss, my customers, and for me.  I can smile.  I can complement people and thank them for their work.

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