Become the Solution

I heard Ed Land, who founded Polaroid Corporation, speak on the role of the inventor.  Land stated that it was his job to imagine things before they happened.  His approach began with identifying a need and creating a way to meet that need.  Ed Land provided solutions.  On the day he spoke, he said that he had hired plenty of highly educated scientists, ” PhD’s   in white smocks.”  He went on to say that the real inventing still took place in his lab where he was known to hole up for weeks at a time as he personally conducted research to create new products and improve old ones.  His first inventions were inexpensive, commercially practical filters that allowed light to pass and eliminate glare.   Today, polarizers are common in camera filters, mirrors, windows, especially windows in commercial and military transportation.  If you ever wear a pair of sunglasses with polarized lenses, you will become aware of how common polarizers have become.  Looking through the polarized filtration of a lens and then through the polarized filtration of a window or a mirror that contains polarized filtration creates a tinted pattern in your field of vision.

If you are a company, a hiring manager, or a job seeker, you will find that your efforts to identify, communicate, and achieve your objectives are easier and more successful if you see yourself as providing solution to existing needs.

The way to measure great companies is how well they deliver on their business plan.  The way to measure great hiring managers is the success of the people they bring to a company.  The way to measure great hires is the success those people bring to a company.

I remember that a staffing manager at the E&J Gallo Winery said that the only way his career could progress was to excel at finding and getting great people hired for the Winery. He had to become the solution for the Winery’s hiring needs.

Become the solution.

“The World’s Most Noble Headhunter”

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