Best Times to Make Social Media Post

Best Times to Make Social Media Post

Best Times to Make Social Media Post

The best times to make social media post can vary with the audience and the product.  You can track your own results.  Pay attention to when you get the most likes, profile views, and comments.

Although research results vary with audiences and methods, these results based on the infographic and information from are similar to the findings I have found in other research.
Best times – Weekdays from 6-8AM and 2-5PM
Worst times – 10PM-4AM

Best times – 1-3PM, especially on weekends
Worst times – 8PM-8AM

Best times – 9-11AM
Worst times – 6PM-7AM

Best times: 7-8:30AM, 5-6PM
Worst times – Monday and Friday, and 9AM-5PM

Best times – Saturday morning, 2-4PM and 8-11PM
Worst times – 5-7PM and 1-7AM

Best times – Monday, Friday, and Saturday at 11AM
Worst times – 11PM-8AM

Social media strategy for careers and business

Do you post on social media for your job or your business?  Jobs seekers find social media a great place to promote their career move.   Businesses market their products through social media pages and membership groups.

The time to build your audience on social media is before you actually need it.  If you find yourself in need of a job and you have no one in your social media network, you are less competitive than a person who has thousands of people in their network.

If you are managing a business that is planning a brand launch next year and have no business pages on social media, you are in a less competitive position than a company that has business pages with thousands of likes and followers.

As you build your audience on social media, you will be more effective by posting when your audience is online to see your post.

Social Media Cube Image courtesy of ePublicist/Flickr
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Best Times to Make Social Media Post

Best Times to Make Social Media Post

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