Bragging: The Wrong Way to Impress People

Bragging: The Wrong Way to Impress People.  What are the things people don’t want to hear?  How can you attract people without annoying them with bragging?

Most of your friends want you to have nice things.  Furthermore, they want to have nice things happen to you.

However, when you make the focus about you and you begin to boast, you distance yourself from people who might otherwise have an interest in your experiences.

Being able to present your accomplishments is important.

However, bragging is a career killer, especially on some subjects.

Great Vacation

People who care for you are happy when you take a break.  Furthermore, people who care about you are happy that you are going to exciting places.

However, endless discussion of your Caribbean cruise or your two-weeks in Paris can quickly become boring if not annoying.

Your Expensive Car

Cars are exciting.  When your friends see that you have a cool ride, they want to hear about it.  However, when discussing your expensive car goes from an interesting discussion about the car to bragging about you as the owner, you have lost focus on the things that make the car exciting.

Your Intimate Exploits

At some point in their life, nearly everyone has sex.  It is a wonderful experience.  In many cases, people see sex as a rite of passage.

On the other hand, bragging out the number of people with whom you have been intimate says more about your lack of character than your assets as an individual.

In the workplace, discussion of your intimate relationships rarely increases the way people see you as a professional.

Your Accomplishments

Professional and personal accomplishments can advance your career and increase your self-esteem.  Effective presentation of your accomplishments is critical to your career.

However, bragging about your accomplishments gets old.  Furthermore, you lose credibility.  Your accomplishments become more valuable when other people discuss them than when you discuss them.

When Bragging Betrays Your Insecurity.

People who are constantly bragging need attention.  They are saying look at me, think about me.  Before you brag, take a deep breath.  Focus on the things that are in front of you and how you can make your life and the life of the people around you better. Think about how you can help your family and serve your customers or your employees.

Enjoy your authenticity.  Find peace in thinking about the ways other people bring value to your life.