Business and Career Growth: Can a Business or Career Become Static and Survive?

Business and Career Growth: Can a Business or Career Become Static and Survive?

Building a business or a career is a continual process of expanding your goods, services, skills, and network.  The first day that I sat down to start my career as a recruiter, I had no contacts.  I had a telephone, an empty legal pad, and a box of blank 5 x 8 index cards.

After a decade, my contact management system contained tens of thousands of contacts.  I had personally tracked and created files for these people.  Most of them I have reached out to by phone, email, or professional networks.  I still make new connections every day.  Little has changed except that my file system has gone from paper to a computer.

I continually added clients.

Here is a partial list of companies where I had recruiting contracts:

  1. PepsiCo
  2. Pepsi Bottling Group
  3. Frito-Lay
  4. Coca Cola, USA
  5. Coca Cola Foods
  6. Mobil Oil Company
  7. Soft Soap
  8. Pillsbury Green Giant
  9. International Playtex
  10. Quaker Oats
  11. Dannon Corporation
  12. No Nonsense Fashions
  13. Coca-Cola Foods
  14. Del Monte Foods
  15. The Clorox Company
  16. Nestle
  17. Brach & Brock
  18. Catalina Marketing
  19. Health Resource Corporation
  20. Majers Corporation
  21. Welch Foods
  22. Softsoap
  23. E & J Gallo
  24. Sunny Delight
  25. M & M Mars
  26. Tambrands
  27. Nabisco
  28. News America Marketing
  29. El Dorado Marketing
  30. Imagitas
  31. ConAgra Foods
  32. ConAgra Armour Swift-Eckrich
  33. Polaroid Corporation
  34. Dial Corporation
  35. Dep Corporation
  36. United Vintners
  37. 7-Up
  38. Miller Brewing Company
  39. 13-30 Corporation
  40. Hain Celestial Group
  41. Q-Interactive
  42. Label Dollars
  43. Promo Edge
  44. Centiv
  45. The Sunflower Group
  46. PromoWorks
  47. The Wine Spectrum of Coca Cola
  48. Kaiser-Roth
  49. DSD Communications
  50. Black & Decker
  51. ActMedia
  52. Linkewell Health
  53. Bush Brothers Beans
  54. Marketing Technology Solutions
  55. Sunny D
  56. Twenty-Ten Corporation
  57. InStore Broadcasting Network
  58. Insignia Pops
  59. The Beecham Group
  60. GlaxoSmithKline – GSK
  61. Jacobs Suchard
  62. Cody Kramer
  63. SVP Worldwide
  64. Mauna Loa
  65. Garden Burger
  66. EAS
  67. New World Pasta Company
  68. Vacation Connections
  69. Lala USA
  70. Continental Promotion Group
  71. Kayser Roth
  72. Morningstar Farms
  73. Duracell
  74. Kiss Products
  75. Phillips Food Brokerage
  76. Unicous Marketing
  77. Kelley Clarke Food Brokerage
  78. Wizards of the Coast
  79. Oberto Sausage
  80. Fanfare Media
  81. Linkwell Communications
  82. Lindt
  83. Nurserymen’s Exchange
  84. Maybelline
  85. Advantage 360
  86. American Italian Pasta
  87. Warner Lambert
  88. Fuel Rewards/Centego
  89. First Flavor
  90. Potlatch Corporation
  91. Crossmark Food Brokerage
  92. RB (Reckitt Benckiser)
  93. Marketing Force
  94. J&J Snack Foods Corporation
  95. Cartera Commerce Inc.
  96. Alcon Laboratories
  97. Ray-O-Vac
  98. Naterra
  99. ICOM
  100. Slim Fast (Unilever)
  101. Potlatch Corporation
  102. Dean Foods
  103. …and others

Companies Come and Companies Go.

In the list are many companies that no longer exist.  In some cases, the brands still exist.  However, these brands are part of another company.  To stay in business, I had to continue to grow new business.

Companies come and go.  People come and go.  Processes change.  Opportunities are here today and gone tomorrow.  People who build new relationships and expand their relationships will build security.

Change is constant in business and careers.  The process of building a business and building a career never ends.