Career Agility

What does career agility mean to you?

Agile management makes so much sense in managing business projects and careers.

Two homebuyers come to you to build them a custom home. They discuss with you the layout and design of the house.

As you create the home design, you discover that number of windows exceeds local codes for glass exposure. When you meet with the homebuyers, they changed their mind on some parts of the house.

Based on what you tell the buyers about the building codes and the changes that the buyers wish to make, you rework your plan to fit the new information.

You meet with the homebuyers again and make a decision to begin to build the house.

Twice a week, you meet with the homebuyers to review the progress of building the house. The kitchen and the family room are one great room with a kitchen counter serving as a room divider. The buyers realize that the wet bar they had planned for the family room is directly across from the kitchen sink.

The homebuyers decide that having a wet bar faucet and sink fifteen from the kitchen faucet and sink is a waste of space. You have already run the plumbing pipes to the wall for the wet bar. However, you have not built the wet bar counter. The homebuyers change the plan to have you build a custom counter for a television and bookshelf.

Because you and the homebuyers are continuing to review the progress of the project, you have the agility to make changes for a finished home that will fit their needs and comply with all building codes.
Career agility works the same way. By staying aware of the changes in industry and changes in your personal needs, you increase your opportunities to have career satisfaction and career success.

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