Business Writing: A Skill that Successful People Master

Business Writing

Business writing is a skill everyone can learn.

Writing is part of the job for most business professionals.  Business writing includes emails, proposals, contracts, Internet posts, letters, business plans, memorandums, reports, job descriptions, and resumes.

The measure of effective writing is how well the reader can understand the writer’s message.  Therefore, the writer must carry the reader’s attention and understanding from the first word to the last word in a piece of communications.

Here are 4 steps to writing clearly and effectively.

1. First Paragraph.

The first paragraph must prepare readers for what you are going to tell them.  If there are two or more subjects, list each of these subjects in the opening paragraph.

2. Use Subheadings.

The reader may only have enough time to scan for information.  Helping the reader with subheadings makes your key points stand out from the details that support those key points.

You can create subheadings in at least three ways.

  1. Put the subheading in bold letters.
  2. Make the subheading ALL CAPS.
  3. If available, use a word processing software setting for subheadings.

3. Transition Words

When you are continuing with the same subject and want to emphasize a new element or thought from one sentence to the next, use transition words.   Here are some examples of words that carry your reader’s attention as you expand on your topic: furthermore, additionally, indeed, for example, first, second, third.

4. Grammar and Spelling

Grammar and spelling are as important as content.  Grammatical errors and spelling errors not only distract from your message.  These errors undermine the credibility of your message.

Carefully review what you have written.  Use word processing software to check for mistakes.

Ask other people to proofread your material.  In this case, I ask you the reader to let me know if see any mistakes in my writing.  On the About page of this website, there is a contact form to make it easy for you to give me feedback.

Business Writing: Conclusion

In conclusion, the formula for business writing anything is simple.

State the subject in the opening sentence.

Use subheadings to transition from one subject to another.

Additionally, use transition words to guide your reader’s attention as you transition from one point to the next.

Equally important, make your grammar and spelling perfect.

When you make your writing easier to read, you will be far more successful in communicating with your readers.