New Year Success: Personal Steps to Powering Up 2018

New Year Success 1

New Year Success: The new year is a great time to reset routines.  Here are things that I am doing to make this year fun and productive.

  • Plan play time
  • Spend Time with Supportive People
  • Meet New People and Make New Friends
  • Spend Twenty Minutes for Quiet Time
  • Forgive My Enemies

New Year Success

Do more than make resolutions to lose weight, exercise, and work harder for New Year Success.

Do things that will make you happier and emotionally stronger. Empower your new year success with greater physical and mental health.

Plan Play Time

Before scheduling anything else on your calendar, schedule time for recreation.  Certainly, plan recreational things to do on your days off.

Furthermore, schedule recreation for the middle of the work week.  Sports activities are excellent ways to relieve stress and have fun during work week. A few holes of golf.  Basketball, softball, baseball, golf.  Something you enjoy and that helps you relieve stress and relieve emotional kinks.

Including your friends in these activities reinforces your commitment.

Spend Time with Supportive People

Good company does more than make life fun.  Family members and friends who encourage you build your confidence.  Furthermore, these people can help you find solutions and succeed in difficult times.

Meet New People and Make New Friends

Go places where you can make friends with people who share your interests.  Health club. places of worship. business conferences, and meetups are some places where you can meet new people.

Furthermore, meeting and connecting with new people helps you extend your network and discover new ideas for success.

Twenty Minutes of Quiet Time

Take twenty minutes a day to rest and clear my mind.  Rest your eyes. Meditate. Pray. Take a nap. Take a walk.

Set a time that works with your schedule.  That is, first thing in the morning, during the work day, or after work.

Find a place where you can sit quietly.  Close your eyes and relax.

Practice Forgiveness

Anger and resentments rob us of peace and gratitude for the rewards in our life.

Holding on to anger and resentments builds tension and drains our energy.

Letting go of these feelings helps us return to the present moment and enjoy life more.