Arriving Early: How a Simple Behavior Makes Life Easy

Arriving Early

Arriving early: How does this simple behavior make life easier for you and the people around you? What does this character trait have to do with success in your job and success in your personal life?

Get there early. You might miss something.  ~

The Freedom from Stress of Arriving Early

When I know that I am going to arrive late, I feel stress all the way to my appointment.  When I am waiting for a person to work on a project, I feel frustrated when.

My Early Lesson

Arriving early is on time.  Arriving on time is late.

When I was sixteen, I started to work for a grocery store. On my third day on the job, I walked in the door at the time to start work.

I felt stressed.  However, I was on time in arriving at the store. Still, I felt uncertain about my situation.  Before going to my work station, I had to go upstairs to the locker area and grab an apron to wear at the cash register.

I arrived at the cash register a few minutes late. The cashier who was waiting for me to replace her was frustrated,

The store manager stopped me at the cash register and pulled me aside. He told me that the time to be at my work station was the time that my schedule began.  Furthermore, he said that I could never be at the cash register on time without arriving early.

Being Prepared

To start work prepared and stress free, I must arrive early to lay things out and clear my mind.

As a Navy officer, I arrived early to relieve deck officers on bridge watch. The other deck officers did the same thing. We would discuss the status of ship’s operations. Additionally, I asked for information on the plan for ship’s operations for the next hours to come.

This preparation reduced stress.  Additionally, the information I gained from arriving early reduced confusion and mistakes.  I could prepare mentally for the things that I needed to do.  My brain could process decisions that I would have to make before I had to make them.  My confidence and mental clarity increased.  In conclusion, I was far more capable of navigating the ship safely and managing the bridge team for the watch.