Browser Market Share

BROWSER MARKET SHARE tracks browser popularity or market share.  Periodically I check to see how the usage stacks up.  Firefox and Chrome are very popular, because they work and because they offer a lot of options to web developers.  Developers can not ignore Internet Explorer though, because it still has a sizeable market share and Microsft may one day figure out how to develop and market a search engine.  “Bing,” to me, pales even to the name Internet Explorer.  The name Bing does not have the aggressive, get after it tone of “Firefox” nor the wow of a brand named glitz of “Chrome.”  With the correct marketing and product improvement, Microsoft could have people saying “Explore it” instead of “Google it.”  In my opinion, they do make the best free anti-virus software for web browsing, but for some reason, Microsoft can not figure out the search engine piece. Here are the stats for July 2012:

Internet Explorer 16.3 %
Firefox 33.7 %
Chrome 42.9 %
Safari 3.9 %
Opera 2.1 %



For an interesting comparison, here are the figures from July 2012:

Internet Explorer 84.5 %
AOL 3.5 %
Netscape 7.3 %

For me, I try all the browsers on multiple computers.  I have my favorite and have great experiences learning and sharing on the Internet.  I hope that you do as well.

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