Chromebook for Jobs and Business

On my son’s recommendation, I bought a Samsung Chromebook.

Some people love to store terabytes of data on their computer.  They also love to have lots of expensive applications conveniently installed on their computer when they buy it.  The Chromebook is the wrong device for these people.  There are fewer of those people all the time.

Chromebook is the type of product that many people already use and most people will use for computers over time:  that is, a lightweight device that gives you access to your content stored on the Internet.

  1. Device manufacturers already offer free web-placed storage for all types of content: Apple (iCloud, 5GB), Google (Google Drive 15GB), and Microsoft (SkyDrive 7GB).
  2. Social media uploads have accelerated consumer knowledge and trust of placing their content on the Internet.
  3. Working with content from a smartphone, laptop, or tablet has freed people from having to sit at a desk to use their computers.
  4. Browser devices are cooler, lighter weight, and more portable:  Samsung Chromebook Specifications: 11.6’’ display, 2.42 lbs / 1.1 kg.
  5. Switching from the gigantic local hard drive to a browser device does take a bit of learning.  Consumers are becoming more skilled and knowledgeable at working on the Internet.
  6. The cost of storage can get pricey for storage.  As users become more knowledgeable and resourceful, they will find multiple places to store content and avoid charges.
  7. Web-based devices cut the need to replace a lot of expensive applications for an image editor, word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations.  There are free applications and extensions for web devices to work with these applications.

Samsung Chromebook offers a bit more than most Internet devices.  It runs on Linux OS and is compatible with the Ubuntu OS.   Ubuntu runs Libreoffice, which is free and has similar applications to Microsoft Office.  YouTube has instructions for installing Ubuntu on your Chromebook.

 Before you buy any web device, speak with someone who owns one.   There are other web devices.  There are other manufacturers of Chromebooks.  Some have 100GB of storage.  I enjoy the 16GB one I bought.  I enjoy the simple web-based interface.   I enjoy working with web applications and learning new systems.


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