Common Career Correspondence Mistakes and Steps to Avoid Them

The most common correspondence mistakes result from trying to do too much too quickly.  If you are making a career move, you are competing against people who are taking time to review each aspect of each piece of correspondence.  In you are writing for your current job, you want to write so that people will be able to focus on your message.  The information you release must be correct whether the information is on an envelope, a cover letter, an email, or a resume.

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Here is a check-off list to help you double check to see if you have avoided the common errors people make in correspondence:

  1. Spelling of the recipient’s name
  2. Spelling of the company’s name
  3. Use of a polite, cordial tone
  4. Referring to the correct position
  5. Referring to the same position on your cover letter and your resume
  6. Referring to the correct company
  7. Using black type and plain white paper
  8. Using facts (Anecdotes are not facts.)
  9. Using words and pictures for modeling and acting jobs
  10. Using words alone for all other jobs
  11. Using graphs very selectively
  12. Using the spell- and grammar-checking system in your word-processing software and your email application
  13. Proper use of pronouns (first person, not third person–that is, he, she, they)
  14. Signature on your cover letter

Suggestion: Get help from someone who can help you proofread your material.

What are methods you use to avoid correspondence mistakes?

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