Desk Jockeys and Exercise

It can be very challenging for people who work long hours at a desk to get enough exercise to stay trim, condition their heart, vessels, arteries, and lungs, maintain muscularity, and avoid spinal deterioration.

The effects of daily sitting at a desk over prolonged periods of time can be debilitating.

Beyond a regular exercise program and a healthy program of diet and exercise, I try to do a number of things that help me build my career and still get exercise.

  • I stand up every thirty minutes and walk around for five or ten minutes to get loose, reduce the pressure on my vertebrae, and increase my blood flow.
  • I use dynamic tension (simple muscle flexing) when standing around or sitting at my desk.
  • I go for walks as work breaks.
  • Outside of my work day, I do yard work, car washing, and household chores at a brisk pace.

There are some excellent motivational gems that help me remember how little I have to do to get benefits from exercise:

  • A 30-minute workout is only 2% of your day.
  • The hardest movement of any workout is walking out the front door.
  • If I had started exercising when I first thought about exercising, I would be done now.

Here’s to your health!

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