Do You Want Productive Employees?

Productive Employees

Do you want productive employees?

When I went through Naval Officer Candidate School, one of the company officers had a major influence on the methods used in the officer-training program.

He convinced the school administrators that they were training the officer candidates to be officer candidates not to become officers. The practices were more intimidating than instructive. The curriculum was more about following orders than making decision.

He created a curriculum based on setting objectives and giving the officer candidates the responsibility of fulfilling those objectives. The program is still in practice today.

In the Harvard Business Review, Tony Schwartz’s wrote,

“For more than a decade now, I’ve struggled to define what fuels the most sustainably productive work environment — not just on behalf of the large corporate clients we serve, but also for my own employees at The Energy Project. Perhaps nothing I’ve uncovered is as important as trust.”

Source: Want Productive Employees? Treat Them Like Adults – Tony Schwartz – Harvard Business 

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