Are Happy People More Successful?

Don’t Wait for Success to Be Happy.

Happiness doesn’t happen in the future.  Nothing exists in the future.  Everything can only exist here and now.  Becoming happy today gives us energy and brings joy to our lives.

While many people spend time thinking about the future, other people are living in the present moment to build success and security.  They are allowing themselves to enjoy happier, fuller lives.  Their minds are free and energized with focus.

Most people have found satisfaction in achieving a goal.  There is peace of mind in having financial security.

But happiness has to happen as we go along in life and being happy gives us the energy to achieve our goals and create security.

Open Up for Opportunities for Happiness

Limiting happiness to conditions only sets us up for failure.

If we say that I will be happy when I get that job or that car or that other person in our life, we are cheating ourselves but putting conditions on our happiness.  What happens to our lives when we find that we have plenty of money for our security but live in fear of losing that money?  How happy are we when we have plenty of security but are jealous of people who have more prosperity than we have?  The fact is that we are not happy.

The first step in achieving happiness is to get out of our head and into our world.  Thinking about the past or the future creates risks to our happiness.  Resenting people for their success takes our mind off the things we need to do to ensure our own success.

Thinking about the past opens the door to regret and guilt.  Thinking about the future opens the door to the fear of losing something or failing to get something.

When we are living inside our heads, the world moves along without us.

Take Action for Happiness

Here are things I do to find happiness in the present moment.

Gratitude: I simply make a short list of two are things for which I am grateful.

Perspective:  Why fret over things that we can’t control?  I can’t control the weather, media, behavior of public people, fluctuations of the stock market, ad infinitum.  However, I can have a lot of pain thinking about them

We don’t have to wait for success to be happy.  Being happy gives us more energy to clear our mind for success.