Eleven Things that Annoy Co-Workers

Eleven Things that Annoy Co-Workers

Eleven things that annoy co-workers is a starter list for etiquette around the workplace.  You might want to read more articles on the subject.  Being annoying is not the best way to advance your career or strengthen you security around the workplace.

  1. Using big words and geek words to impress everyone

Using big words to impress people is phony and annoying.

Building your vocabulary by learning and using new words is a good practice.  Just using those words to impress people is an annoying.

  1. Using handicap facilities when you do not need them

Handicap facilities are there for people who need them.  People who routinely specialize needs bathrooms as just another space annoy will soon lose credibility and trust.

  1. Texting or writing emails during meetings 

You are in a meeting.  Everyone is focused on the project or the speaker, except you.  You feel that texting urgent messages or answering emails during the meeting is professional.  You believe that you are being diligent.  In reality, you are creating a distraction for everyone in the room.  People who are in a meeting are like members in a marching band.  They are in meeting mode.  They are focused on the meeting.  When you start texting or sending emails, you become a distraction to everyone who can see what you are doing.

  1. Talking loudly enough on your phone to disturb other people

Talking loudly enough on the phone to distract other people is rude and unfair.

  1. Standing in ways that block doorways, hallways, drinking fountains and other facilities

Be thoughtful of how you use passageways.  Some people do not know how to navigate blocked hallways or aisles.  People who block these spaces are as impossible to pass as stonewalls.

If you do need to get past a people in a blocked passageway, simply say, “Pardon me.”

  1. Disappearing from work

People notice when you are not at your desk or not in meetings.  Often people cannot do their job when you are not around to do your job.

  1.  Constant Whining

Negative information makes other people feel unpleasant.  When you whine you bring people down with you.

  1. Gossiping

Gossiping is unfair and will cost you the trust of other people.

  1. Public personal grooming

Clipping your nails and combing your hair seem so minor an event to some people that they forget that doing either one around other people is bad manners.  When you clip your nails or comb your hair, you leave bit of yourself behind.  At your workplace, do personal grooming in the restroom.

  1. Talking about yourself all the time

For some people, talking about themselves is so easy to do.  It is also healthy.  However, talking about ourselves all the time is a good way to distance ourselves from other people, is unhealthy, and can cost us friends.

  1. Discussing politics and religion in the workplace

Religion and Politics in the Workplace: I read an article recently that helped me know that not everyone understands the impact of religion and politics in the workplace.  The author started his article with religious jokes.

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