Free Email Accounts For Your Career Move

When going through a career transition, you might find that there is a lot of information to manage, most of which is unique to your career move.  Some of that information may pertain to keeping current with job boards, recruiters, and authors of online career publications.

Obviously there are favorites bars on every browser. There are additionally websites to enable you to list websites you want to bookmark.

Many of the people and companies that routinely give helpful information also give free subscriptions to updates and news from their websites.

One of the better ways of staying current is to subscribe to these websites.  To put all these subscriptions in one place so that you can keep the emails out of your personal and business mail is to create a free email account just for subscribing to updates specifically devoted to career information.

You might consider naming the email address something unique and career related like your name plus a word like “career”,, etc.

You should pick the email site that over time has given you consistent service that fits your needs.  I have a number of free email providers.

Gmail seems is the one I see most often from subscribers.   I have found it reliable, consistent, and I can opt-in and opt-out of downloading the mail to my computer.

Whichever one you choose, please include me in your subscriptions. You can sign up for my updates with just an email address.

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