Employment Matters: 4 Things I love About My Job.

Creating a list of things that I love about my work is a great way to enjoy the things I do every day.  Here are four of the things I love about my job.


I have a lot of fun working in the recruiting industry.  The requirements of the job are simple yet fast paced.  The tools are a lot of fun:  email, Internet, desk phone, and a smartphone.  The clients and applicants are bright and creative, often very successful.  The information with which I deal comes from current and often evolving business events.


When I entered the recruiting industry, I was lucky to be able to work with people who had a similar background as my own in the consumer goods industry.  Our business focused on recruiting consumer goods sales people.  We were able to turn to contacts we already had to provide us with recruiting assignments and to provide a pool of applicants and referral sources.

The consumer goods sector has changed a great deal since 1980.  At that time, there was a huge demand for people to sell to regional drug and grocery chains.  There was also a large supply of candidates for filling those jobs.   Companies did not have the resources that they have today in terms of advertising jobs on the Internet and sourcing candidates through social networks.

Likewise, I have far more resources than I had before.   As the owner of two websites (JayWren.com and SeeWhoIshiring.com), I list thousands of jobs advertised on the Internet.  I manage two groups on LinkedIn CPG Trends LinkedIn Group and SeeWhoIsHiring LinkedIn Group, and I have thousands of contacts who get my LinkedIn updates.  The addition of the monthly newsletter to my business is a lot of fun for me and the feedback would tell me that it is useful to the subscribers.


I have the good fortune to have developed a large network of clients and applicants so that my business has evolved from filling searches for regional sales people in the top twenty-five markets to filling searches for a variety of roles in cities that are home to major retailers and that are in the corporate headquarters of major manufacturers.

Employment matters to everyone:  employers, workers, families, singles, adults and the children they support.  You matter!

What are four things that you love about your job?

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