Are You in the Wrong Job?

If you feel unappreciated, are you in the wrong job?  By unappreciated, I mean that you experience these things.

  1. Your turn has come up for promotion, but the promotion goes to your peers or perhaps people who have come into your company and moved past you.
  2. Your company brings in management from the outside for jobs that should have.
  3. Your peers repeatedly get credit for the work you are doing.
  4. Your boss takes credit for your work.
  5. Your pay raise is smaller than the pay raises everyone else gets.
  6. Everything people say about you is negative.
  7. No one asks you to join in at breaks or after work.
  8. You believe that nothing you do makes a difference.
  9. You feel like an outsider.

What to Do When You Feel Unappreciated

Determine the cause of your problem.

Are you doing the things to deserve praise and promotions?  If you are not doing what you should be doing, get busy.  Correct your mistakes.  Eliminate under performance.

Is Your Boss the Reason You Feel Unappreciated?

In an article titled “Are you appreciated at work?” in SFGate, Kim Thompson wrote,

“If you asked the majority of employees the reasons for leaving a good job you might hear comments that involve a lack of appreciation rather than compensation.  Resigning from a job may sound like an impulsive choice.  However, according to a Gallup poll, at least 75 percent of the reasons for voluntary turnover can be influenced by managers.”

Is your boss the reason you feel unappreciated?  Can you work with your boss to makes changes?  If not, you can consider your options outside your current company.

Steps to a Job Change

  1. Prepare your resume.  Make it factual.  Use a bullet format.  Highlight your accomplishments.
  2. Build a contact list for your job change.
  3. Expand your network.
  4. Set up a specific job-change email address that includes your name.
  5. Turn to your friends outside the company for referrals and references.
  6. If you have a friend working where you would like to work, ask that person for help in getting an interview.
  7. Find companies that are hiring for the job that you want.
  8. Build relationships with people in the company and ask them to help you get an interview.

Find a place where you can do meaningful work with people who will reward you and appreciate your efforts.

Don’t get stuck in a job where you feel unappreciated.  Get another job!

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