Finding Confidence in the Face of Fear

Finding Confidence in the Face of Fear: Do you fear giving a presentation or job interview? Many people have those feelings. How do they deal with them?

Finding Confidence in the Face of Fear

You can have power over fear.  Furthermore, you can enjoy life more, and you can help other people enjoy life more.

We scare ourselves with own thinking.

Imagination plays a big role in creating fear.

Fear is future thinking.  On one hand, we fear that we will lose something we have.  On the other hand, we fear that we will fail to get something we want.

Fear of losing things or failing to get things does not solve any problems.  Furthermore, fear can cripple us mentally.  In this way, fear can block our success.

In the worst case, fear can become a reality by cluttering our mind and keep us from seeing solutions.

Fear is mood related.

If we are in a great mood, we feel less fear.

Thinking about the same thing when we are in a great mood feels very different from thinking about things when we are in a bad mood.

To see the connection between moods and fear, think about the effect of food on your fears.  When you are hungry, your blood sugar drops.  Your body becomes stressed.  You feel anxious.

An hour after you eat, you feel more calm.  Your mood changes.  Your fear becomes less intense.

Fear gets more power when we give it our attention.

When we focus on a scary thought, that thought grows in our mind.  We just suffer more pain.

On the other hand, we can do things to ease our fear and change our focus.

Finding Confidence: These Things May Restore Your Confidence

To overcome fear and restore confidence, some simple things might help.

Get Active.

Go for a walk, lift weights, or do some chores.  Simple motion is the way to overcome fear. Lace up your shoes and pull up your socks.

I try to remind myself to get up and move around every 30 minutes or so anyway. It’s good for the heart.


Meditation is a simple thing.  Repeating a mantra helps.  Focusing on your breathing helps.  Reciting prayers has a similar effect for many people.


Stop procrastinating and act.

Just getting into action of nearly any type can reduce fear.  Additionally, acting to solve the very problems that are frightening us is a healthier way of dealing with fear than ruminating.

To overcome procrastination, just take one simple action.  If you have 10 calls to make, just do the most important one first.

Get Professional Care.

If you find that you suffer chronic fear, discuss the matter with your doctor or a mental health professional. Fear leads to stress. Then, stress leads to bad health.

Stay in the Present Moment.

The only moment we have in life is the present moment.  In that moment, we see and hear the things around us.  Our brains use different pathways and create different, healthier feelings.

Enjoy life.

In conclusion, find freedom from fear.  It is your life.  There is no reason to let fear steal joy from your life.