Finding and Verifying Email Addresses

Finding Email Addresses

A simple way to find an email address, put the name of the person and the domain name of the company in a search engine.  “email * *”  *.edu, *.gov, *.net, *.com, *.org

Example: “Betty Smith **”

Another way to find email addresses is use the free service on

Follow this link

Verifying Email Addresses

Sometimes I find that I have an email address, but I am not certain that the email address is correct.  I could just try sending an email to the email address to see if I get a bounce back on the email.  However, some domains have a catchall feature where all the incorrectly addressed emails are held.  I may not get a bounce back and will have no way of knowing whether the email address is incorrect.  I have found this website helpful for confirming email addresses:

Follow this link:  Email Verifier.

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