Finding Hiring Companies

A great way to get a job is through a friend.  This approach gives you an inside track on a job.  You start with a personal connection.

Another excellent source of finding jobs is through former supervisors and coworkers.  These people know your skills and your work history.  They can recommend you base on their knowledge of your work experience.


Should you contact recruiters?  Well, that depends on whether you can find a recruiter who has valuable contacts in your specialty.  Before you contact recruiters, check out their profile on LinkedIn.  Go to the recruiter’s website.  Most recruiters list their website on LinkedIn.  You can very likely find a recruiters profile and website through an Internet search.

Networking is necessary in your job search.  Ask every person you contact whether there are other people you should contact.  Use your Internet network.  Find people among your contacts who work at places where you would like to work.

Find the name and contact information on hiring managers.  Contact these people directly.  You will have better success through direct contact through direct contact than you will have through sending your resume through the company Internet resume bin.

Are job boards useful?  In some industries, job boards and job search engines are very helpful.  I have spoken with people conducting a job search who found job boards job search engines a waste of time.  However, in some industries, great companies rely heavily on job boards.

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