Focus on the Job not the Boss.

Focus on the Job not the Boss.

Bosses may come and bosses may go.  Bosses have good days, and bosses have bad days.  Some bosses make work a joy.  Other bosses make the people around them miserable.

It is helpful for me to remember that the boss is not the job.  The reason that I am working is not to get the bosses approval, but to get the job done.  So when working for or with difficult people, I try to focus on the job I have in front of me and do that job to the best of my ability.

If the boss has specific guidelines for the way to do a certain job, I try to follow those guidelines as closely as possible.

Some bosses do not have any patience.  I once had a supervisor who required that I only give him information that required his decision.  He required me to give him this information in the form of a summary of the situation and some recommendations about what he should do.  Then he would question me on the recommendations.

I found that the best way to work with this boss was to prepare before meeting with him.

I was successful under this boss.  I also learned that his process of making decisions was very effective.  I did learn a great deal from him.

After time this boss moved away.  My new boss had a very different approach.  He empowered the people around him.  He corrected people by instructing them on what to do.  I enjoyed working for him a great deal.

In working for both bosses, I learned to focus needs on the job not the boss.  My performance was in my hands.  I controlled my performance no matter how pleasant or unpleasant my boss might be.

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