Get Things Done: How to Defeat Procrastination

Get Things Done: How is it that some people are so productive when other people can’t get to the job? What can you do to become successfully productive?

Inspiration is not an accomplishment.  Passion is not an accomplishment.  Getting things done is an accomplishment.  ~

Get Things Done: How to Defeat Procrastination: Highly successful people do many things that make them successful.  Here are four traits that enable them to keep a clear head, make better decisions, do more, and have a well-balanced life.

Set Tight Schedules.

The time to do a job expands with the amount of time allowed to do a job.  Busy people are more productive than people with little to do.

For example, the days before a vacation, people feel energy to complete projects before they leave.  They are working against the clock to get things done.

Therefore, setting tight schedules for projects creates focus and delivers energy to get things done.

Start with Just One Thing.

When you look at all the things to do to complete a task, just starting can be hard to do.

However, most jobs have steps for completion.  Workdays have multiple tasks.

Doing just one thing now puts you into action.

Focus on solutions not problems.

Focusing on problems is just worrying.  Furthermore, worrying does not produce any results.

However, focusing on solutions leads places your mind on the things that you can do to stop worrying.

Schedule Time Off. 

Highly successful people live a balanced life.  They work hard.  Sometimes they push themselves to finish a project, even weeks at a time.  But they know to take breaks.  Time with their family is important to them.  Community service gives them rewards and diverts their attention to new areas.  Scheduling and taking lunch breaks helps successful people recover and work more effectively.  Blocking out an hour a day to exercise restores your energy and conditions you to work harder.  Simple rest breaks are important as well.  Scheduling these breaks with a co-worker makes them a reality.

When you commit to taking time off, you are again setting deadlines to get things done.