Google Sites: Free Contact Management and Promotion

Google Sites offers free and pay websites.  The sites have settings.  Public, private, or shared publication.

The templates work for business, school, public, Wiki, and, Intranet.  If you want to set up a site for your career, you can set up an Intranet site.  You can keep it private.  You can share it with people who are helping you with your career.

You can also set up the site for mobile viewing.

You do not need to know anything about making websites.  There is no coding required.

Making a career move is not something people do everyday.  Setting a Google Site offers these benefits.

  1. Private information management
  2. Collaborate from any place
  3. Contact organization
  4. Strategy development
  5. Activity management
  6. Goal setting and tracking
  7. Presentation development for documents, slides, and videos


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