4 Traits that Form the Foundation of Great Teams

Great Teams: Why is it that some organizations always create great teams?  Additionally, why is it that other organizations never create great teams?

Creating the foundation for great teams is fundamental to the management of any organization. ~ www.jaywren.com

4 Traits that Form the Foundation of Great Teams

On every list that I read, Google, and on a broader scale, the parent company, Alphabet, is the number-one rated place to work.

This rating is not by accident.  Google gives services and support that include free food and on-site doctors.  The services make it easier for employees to stay at the Google offices during the work day.

However, Google has taken successful steps to do more than give conveniences to workers at the workplace.  The company has conducted studies to fine tune the composition and the management of teams.

Team Spirit

Team spirit or esprit de corps is the feeling of enthusiasm, commitment, and loyalty to the other members of a team.

Feeling team spirit binds your desire for success and the team’s desire for success.

Brawls in the office or between business competitors are not anything anyone welcomes.  However, an example of the power of team spirit becomes in in competitive sports.  It is this element that causes bench clearing outbursts to come to the defense of other team players.

In the office, team spirit brings the team together to overcome challenges and frustration.  The power of team spirit instills confidence from the support among team members.

When there is conflict in a team, esprit de corps enables teams to tackle problems without attacking each other.


There are two points at which great teams engage.  One point of engagement is in the work.  Team players engage to collaborate on the work of the team.  At the second point, team players engage each other for feedback and contributions to projects.

Great teams have members who engage with their work and with other members of the team.


When team members trust each other, they don’t focus on the negatives of personality.  Instead they focus on helping each other achieve successful results for the team.

For example, Jim doesn’t like Bob.  Every time Bob says something, Jim says something critical of Bob.  Therefore, Jim does not trust Bob.  He feels unsafe around Bob.  Bob may shut down and stop helping the team. Furthermore, he may retaliate against his team member, Jim.

However, when team member build trust, they feel safe and support each other.

Love of Purpose and Working Hard

One of the characteristics and great teams is love of purpose.  Another is working hard as a team.  New England Patriots coach, Bill Belichick, is famous for signing veteran role players who become successful main players for the Patriots.  I remember one interview in which a sports reporter asked Coach Belichick how he managed to find so many players who were minor players across the league and yet became major players for his team.

His response was that he looked for players who loved football and who worked hard.