How to Calm Your Nerves Before A Job Interview

How To Calm Your Nerves before a Job Interview is an important skill for many applicants.

Many job applicants are nervous before a job interview.  A bad case of the interview jitters works against you.  Instead of having a clear mind, you think less clearly and effectively.  At a time when want to feel poised and confident, you feel tense and uncomfortable.

Interview jitters are a form of stage fright.

Applicants know that another person or other people are judging the things they say and the things they do.  They fear rejection.

If job interviews give you the jitters, you are not alone.  Everyone experiences some feelings of uncertainty from time to time.  There are things you can do to become calm and feel confident.

Have a light, healthy snack before your interview.

Being hungry or loaded with caffeine can make you feel nervous.  Take a health bar and a bottle of water with you.  Find a comfortable place to relax.  Enjoy your health bar and bottle of water about thirty minutes before your interview.  Give your body time to digest the snack and get the food into your system.

Reduce the amount of caffeine you eat or drink.

You might avoid chocolate bars.  They are great for energy.  The sugar and caffeine can get you energy boost.  However, as the sugar wears off, you can feel an energy drop.  The caffeine can leave you feeling a little on edge.  If you enjoy coffee or caffeinated soft drinks, you may want to avoid them before your interview.  Caffeine from chocolate or from coffee or soft drinks added to the adrenaline of having interview pressure can give you a heavy case of the jitters.

Prepare thoroughly for your job interview.

Know the details of the company.  Know the details of the job for which you are interviewing.  Review your resume.  Know how to discuss your experience in terms of how are qualified for the job.

Prepare questions for the people who will interview you. 

Having questions will show that you are interested in the question.  Having your questions written out will help you remember to ask the questions that you will need answered.

Remember to breath.

Baseball players use this simple technique often.  Watch pitchers right before the windup or batters right before stepping into the batter’s box.  The players will take one or two deep breaths.  You don’t need to master any complex breathing meditation.  Just breathe.

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