How to Cancel and Reschedule a Job Interview

Knowing how to cancel and reschedule a job interview is an important part of the job interview process.  

Having to cancel a job interview can cost you the opportunity itself.  Before you can return for a rescheduled interview, another applicant might fill the job.  Additionally, frustrated hiring managers who now have a hole in their schedule may not even grant you the opportunity to reschedule.

Timing your cancellation and rescheduling is important.

When you call to cancel an interview, ask to reschedule during the same call.  You may not have another opportunity to speak directly with someone to reschedule the appointment.

Failing to cancel until the last minute will only make you appear flakey or disinterested.  Certainly call to reschedule as soon as you know you have a problem making the appointment.

Emphasize your continued interest in the job.

Remember to state how much you still want to have the opportunity to interview for the position.  Ask the hiring manager or recruiter what time would be another good time for them.  The more lead-time you provide when you cancel an interview and reschedule it, the better is your opportunity of rescheduling another interview.

There are valid reasons to cancel and reschedule an interview.

    1. Work conflicts with your current employer can create a need to reschedule an interview. When rescheduling an interview because of a work conflict, be a specific as is appropriate about the nature of the circumstances.
    2. Health is certainly a valid reason to cancel and reschedule. Some interviewers will not be happy to greet a person who has symptoms of a cold. If you have a cold, you might call to let the interviewers know.  You can offer to come to the interview, but say that you felt you should give the interviewer to choose to reschedule.
    3. Personal conflicts do arise. Let the person know that you regret to have to reschedule. Sharing details of the situation are not always necessary and perhaps better avoided.  A death in your family or among your close friends is certainly valid reasons for rescheduling.

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