How to Get a Job Fast

Is it important for you to get a job fast? Then you will want to do the things that will help you get a job and avoid the things that are a waste of time.

Use a job board to find jobs.  The job board at has thousands of job listings.

Use a real search engine like Google or Bing to find jobs fast.  Some job boards do work as search engines, but they list the jobs posted on their site first and bury the other jobs on the back pages of the search results.  Why waste your time with a job search engine so biased against your need to find a job fast?

To use a search engine like Google or Bing to find jobs, enter phrases that include the word “jobs,” the type of job, and the location: jobs for mechanics Chicago or jobs for accountants New York City.

Try changing the wording to get slightly different results.  For example, instead of “jobs for mechanics Chicago,” add the word “in” to create a search that reads “jobs for mechanics in Chicago.”  Varying the wording will help you find more jobs fast.

Some other results, you might try these formats: nurses Dallas jobs or computer programmers Sunnyvale.

You can try using job categories instead of titles:  Nursing, accounting, computer programming, etc.

Contact people you know.  Another way to find jobs fast is to contact the people you already know. As I discussed in the article, “Your Know Network,” online resources are so powerful, so compelling, so easy, and so addictive that I take for granted the value of the network of people I know.

Contacting people I already know is so much more effective than contacting new people.  I have an established relationship with the people I know.  The people I already know will more likely trust me.  They are more likely to be helpful. The bond is already established.

Therefore, to find a job fast, make a list of people you already know.  Go Beyond LinkedIn.

Ask for referrals.  Every time you speak with person, ask them to help you with names of other people who can help you.  Add these names to your database of contacts and schedule a call to those people.

Ask for help.  If the people you are contacting work for companies where you want to work, ask them for help in getting a job at that company.  If the person is willing to be helpful, ask for an introduction or even an endorsement.

Announce your job search online.  If you want to find a job fast and confidentiality is not important, list your current position with your job title and add, “Seeking a new opportunity.”

Do not publish your phone number or your address on your public profile.  Identity thieves can use that information to harm you.

Publish an email address on your public profile.  Consider creating an email address specifically for your job change.  Include your name in your email address.  That way, when people see your email, they will know that it is from you.  In addition, the address will be easier for people to find in the email address book.

Put your phone number on all letters and emails.  One of the most annoying things for hiring managers and recruiters is to get an email from an applicant they need to call and have to go open a database file or resume to find the phone number.  If you want to find a job fast, do not waste people’s time by not giving them information they need in the place where they need it.

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